Souvenirs from Liberia

Souvenirs from Liberia Any vacation is incomplete without purchasing various memorabilia. When in Liberia consider getting the souvenirs for your family and friends to share your travel experiences with. The most popular Liberian souvenirs are the ritual masks made by local artisans. These masks can serve as a nice and colorful decoration for your home or a memorable and exotic present for your friends. Also popular among the tourists are carved figures made from ebony, soapstone and mahogany. Or consider purchasing colored fabrics done in the batik style in bulk to be used for making bedding, draperies and table linens on returning home.
Liberia is known for producing a great assortment of embroidered clothing to wear, so it would be also a remarkable living memory of your stay in the Republic of Liberia, as well as beautiful stamped metal necklaces and earrings so popular among women. Of course, there is a great range of souvenirs like colorful postcards, T-shirts, magnets and key chains to bring home from your unforgettable trip.
Instead of purchasing a readymade memorabilia you can easily create your own at Shutterfly- a personalized photo book with the best pictures of your stay in Liberia.